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Cas stared at Dean, wide eyed from the couch, looking somewhat nervous.
"Dean, what is that?" He asked, his voice quiet. 
Dean, who sat on his knees next to the TV, held up the disk and smirked. 
"It’s Evil Dead," He explained. "Supposedly the ‘scariest movie of the year.’"

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Anonymous: Ziall, please, one where they get in a fight because Niall is thinking of leaving the band because he feels like none of the fans like him?

“You WHAT?!” Zayn snapped. He couldn’t control the rage that had built up inside him. He could tell that the anger was just there to mask the pain behind it, but he didn’t care. His hands were shaking, and he quickly jerked them away from Niall as if he had just bit him, a raged expression on his usually calm face.
Niall looked away, hurt by his reaction. He could feel tears welling up in his eyes.
“You don’t understand, Zayn..” His lip quivered as he tried to get the words out.
“No!” Zayn turned away, fuming, unsure of what to say.”No.”
It was quiet as the two boys stood there, avoiding eachothers eyes.
“You don’t understand,” Niall tried again, his voice thick with emotion, “I’m not important to anyone..The band will be so much better witho-“
“Selfish!” Zayn cried, interrupting Niall’s words. He turned to face Niall, the emotions painted across his somehow still beautiful face.
Pain, betrayal, anger, misery.
“You are being so incredibly fucking selfish, you know that?” He shouted. “You’re leaving because you think nobody likes you?!” 
“Nobody would miss me,” Niall whispered, tears now streaming down the irish boy’s face.
Zayn stopped completely, caught off gaurd.
He hesitated, and then shook his head, confused, and furious. He turned away again, the words he wanted to say cut off by his own emotions.

Niall lowered his head in shame.
“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry..” He murmered into his sleeve.
When Zayn turned around, he expected him to yell again. But the only thing he could see in the boy’s eyes were pain and defeat. Zayn was now crying, too.
“Niall, please. You can’t…..You can’t leave us.” His voice broke on the last word. “You can’t leave me. Please.” He fell on his knees before the blonde boy in front of him. “Please.” 
Niall shook his head, crying “Sorry, sorry, sorry,.”

Zayn couldn’t stop the tears now. “Niall, I’ll do anything. You have to see that everybody loves you…” He looked away, sniffling. “I love you.”

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